Jonathan Livingston Seagull

“They are saying in the Flock that if you are not the Son of the Great Gull Himself”, Fletcher told Jonathan one morning after Advanced Speed Practice, “then you are a thousand years ahead of your time.”
Jonathan sighed. The price of being misunderstood he thought. They call you devil or they call you god. “What do you think, Fletch? Are we ahead of our time?”
A long silence, “Well, this kind of flying has always been here to be learned by anyone who wanted to discover it; that’s got nothing to do with time. We’re ahead of the fashion, maybe. Ahead of the way that most gulls fly.”“That’s something,” Jonathan said, rolling to glide inverted for a while. “That’s not half as bad as being ahead of our time”.
Richard Bach
Jonathan Livingston Seagull

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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Some Valentine's Day Reflections

"Emerging" by Sabina Iancu 

Take some time today to sink into that place of pure love, which is beyond but also within the distractions of matter.

It's incredible and multidimensional. There is beauty in the patterns of evolving form - Yes! - this is the explicit. The expressions of a deeper and underlying, but all encapsulating implicit and ever-present love, which is the silent presence within our hearts, containing all possibility and potential and from which all things Spring.

I feel like God is a perpetual playful child, but also the wisest child. The ultimate old soul who plays and laughs and loves and creates in equal measure. The spirit at the core of all events, things and processes.

We are within that all-encapsulating benevolence. And yet, we are also It. We are that Love, that Playfulness, that Joy, that Presence. God / All That Is / The One is here now always. As are We - the Can-Do-Its / The Conduits for that love to come through us and from within us. .... 

Our love will indeed Emerge .....if we allow it...

It is the pure light of love shining from the core of who We Are when we are simply ourselves. Humble and open. We have under-estimated ourselves. Our hearts of gold, spinning golden threads. A web of relationship and connection within the infinite flowering that allows us and God to emerge and merge even more fully formed as we find ourselves more fully.

 Happy Valentine's Day!

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